Trigger Warning: This episode discusses sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking and drug abuse.    Alexandra Stevenson experienced the un...View Details

Dr. Sinéad Dufour is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Health Science at McMaster University. Her current research interests include: ...View Details

Jen McLellan helps people navigate the world of plus size pregnancy, shares tips for embracing your body, and laughs her way through the adventures of...View Details

Margo Kwiatkowski had her first child, a boy, in the summer of 2021 and soon after discovered she had pelvic organ prolapse. She has spent the last 6 ...View Details

From overcoming new mom anxiety to dealing with judgments around your parenting decisions, parenting expert Sharon Mazel tells all! Sharon is an autho...View Details

After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease and IBS in 2009, Megan felt extremely isolated and humiliated about having digestive issues. She was always...View Details

Planned vs. emergency, singleton vs. multiples, first vs. repeat… There's a lot that makes your c-section journey unique. That’s why all c-section rec...View Details

There’s so much information floating around about pelvic floors. Dr. Janelle Howell, DPT, WCS shares her top tips for ensuring your posture is support...View Details

Lexi had 3 vaginal deliveries and delivered her fourth baby via emergency Cesarean. From the quickness of the experience, being tied to the table, fee...View Details

One pregnancy, two babies and two very different stories! Lexi is a mom of 4 and her first two deliveries were uncomplicated vaginal births -  she did...View Details

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