1 in 7 mothers suffer from postpartum depression, and yet they often feel alone or unsure of how to get support. We hope that today’s episode with Toronto based hospital social workers Kayla Deverson & Melissa Luongo can serve as a resource for anyone struggling with their mental health during or after pregnancy. Kayla and Melissa are both pregnant themselves during this interview and they share personal and professional tips to help improve mental health outcomes during the perinatal period.

Topics Discussed:

  • What are the stats around mental health issues in the pregnancy and postpartum period? 
  • How do you support parents as social workers in a hospital setting? 
  • What have you observed about the  needs of people coping with mental health issues during and after pregnancy?
  • Let's talk about the differences between baby blues and depression/anxiety
  • What do you wish more people knew about perinatal mental health? 
  • Can pregnant women do anything to reduce their chances of postpartum depression and anxiety? 
  • Melissa & Kayla are now experiencing their first pregnancies and discuss first hand experiences navigating pregnancy during Covid-19, how they manage anxiety and how they are preparing for birth + postpartum

Show Notes: 

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https://www.instagram.com/alittlehelpcounselling/ on Instagram

https://stmichaelshospital.com/programs/obstetrics/intro/index.html on the Web

Postpartum Support International: https://www.postpartum.net/ 

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*Warning- this podcast is completely unfiltered. If you are around young children, we suggest headphones.*

*Disclaimer: All opinions of our guests are their own and in no way represent that of Lexi Miles Corrin and or Nikki Bergen.

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